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Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Companies in APAC - 2019

As end-user security threats continue to rise, IT leaders are caught between a rock and a hard place to evolve their identity and access management (IAM) environments. However, there’s no silver bullet when it comes to identity and access management and authentication. With the rising popularity of multi-step authentication, facial recognition capabilities, and biometrics, the use of eight-digit passwords and two-factor authentication process via SMS or a missed call are slowly taking a backseat. In this phase of rapid transformation where organizations are struggling to cope with the advanced security threats, IT solution and service providers are on a quest to help them stay abreast of the latest trends in the identity and access management (IAM) space. Evidently, as one of the key determinants that steer businesses forward, IAM is currently taking a significant leap into the next-generation authentication methods.

In an ambitious bid to help clients understand the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity, IAM solution providers and consulting companies are implementing the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain to power their suite of services or solutions. The sole objective is to guide organizations across industries in harnessing the true potential of technology to tackle present-day authentication challenges, be it in the workplace or at the customers’ end. With advanced IAM strategies onboard, businesses will grow capable of establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with their clients and employees based on trust and transparency. Authentication solution and service providers are offering seamless integration of authentication products with the existing systems of businesses, leading to faster transmission of data and reduced risk of fraud. Multiple authentication solutions are being designed for various vulnerable areas of business, which can be easily tailored according to the client’s requirements and preferences.

On the other hand, the Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly attaining a future-ready stature in the cybersecurity space. By connecting all the devices in the workplace on a single network, managers are ensuring high-end information security at all levels. In the long run, this is promoting transparency and mutual trust among all employees and leaders. Combined with blockchain, IoT enabled devices are advancing toward an inclusive, blockchain-driven economy; with these technologies at the backdrop, businesses will also be able to safeguard the important assets of a country that together build a strong economy.

Our goal with this edition is to bring together a list of top-performing identity and access management solution and service providers that have consistently proven their mettle in the field of enterprise security.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers in APAC-2019.”

    Top Identity and Access Management Companies in APAC

  • Mirae Technology is an authentication solution company in the Republic of Korea that develops and supplies two-factor authentication solutions such as OTP and biometric authentication. The company’s range of offerings include authentication products such as the world’s first time-synchronized card type OTP, voice OTP for the blind, and BIOTP using FIDO biometric information. Mirae Technology’s solutions can be integrated with different business systems and the company has established client relationships with more than 250 companies across the globe. The company is working on building a more secure authentication security system based on diversity and convenience


  • Symphonic is a Scotland based company whose context-aware and fine-grained authorization software solution empowers enterprises to handle access to data and services in the inter-connected digital economy driven by API. It also offers centralized visibility and control over the policies that apply to a company’s complete digital landscape via a powerful policy management interface. The company’s solution assists emerging requirements for sharing data both inside and outside an enterprise whilst maintaining compliance with external policies and internal regulations. The company’s solution is deployed in the health, banking, pharmaceutical, and FMCG sectors


  • Assertiv Consulting

    Assertiv Consulting

    Founded in 2015, Assertiv Consulting is Identity and Access Management specialists. It possesses experience in designing and creating large-scale Identity Management solutions that help organizations in allowing their staff to be more productive while addressing the challenges involved in securing enterprise information. The enterprise also provides a wide array of Identity services and solutions from designing and implementing in-house Identity Management systems via creating Identity Management systems to be hosted in the Cloud. The company helps enterprises transform their present Identity infrastructure from on-premise into the Cloud, or adopt a right hybrid model that supports their business objectives

  • Beijing Yufu Technology Service

    Beijing Yufu Technology Service

    Yufu Technology is dedicated to provide enterprises with leading identity authentication cloud services. The Yufu IDaaS cloud platform can gain efficient, secure, autonomous, and controllable, systematic, and scientific enterprise identity information management for enterprises from centralized management of identity data, access control, account lifecycle management, and security auditing. Its self-developed, new-gen identity management cloud platform, can help companies’ better cope with the complicated and tedious identity authentication and authority management in the cloud era, assisting companies to reduce costs, improve operation, and maintenance efficiency along with enhance business synergy, and further improve the overall security level of corporate identity data

  • Filmetrics Corporation

    Filmetrics Corporation

    Filmetrics Corporation is the trusted technology partner that brings together biometrics, mobile systems, and data analytics to produce secure business solutions for all work units anytime and anywhere. The company works for assisting businesses to make smart and sound decisions, along with fully utilize the potential of their data. It also keeps the digital assets secured and effective, so that it can authenticate identity and transactions, and ensure the reliability of data in IT systems. Filmetrics' core expertise lies in the integration of biometric data from fingerprint, iris, and facial characteristics to design practical and functional solutions and systems

  • Identiticoders Pte Ltd.

    Identiticoders Pte Ltd.

    Identiticoders is a Singapore based software company with a focus on identity and security. They do not intend to reinvent the wheel of developing mature identity products like Single Sign-On, Identity Manager, or Directory Server. Instead, they work to develop complementary software surrounding those sophisticated products i.e., Identity Dashboard and Self-Service Modules for CIAM, Modern UX for User Access Review, and Proactive monitoring with notification engine for Privileged Access Management software. Identity Governance is built with the next-generation Access Review engine and is responsive, when it comes to terms of UX and backend remediation, and light-weight in architecture

  • NETS


    NETS offers the best support across the full life cycle of their solutions and gives the best value to their customers. It holds thorough expiration through perfect sync with the user ID life cycle with integrated management and application authority. The company supports the setup of authority policy on approval processes. Every customer complaint is dealt with promptly through the customer support center. It enables prompt response to changes in HR with mass users and gives outstanding performance for account provisioning and reconciliation. Through this accumulated knowledge base, customers are provided support services of a reliable, advanced level

  • Optimal IdM

    Optimal IdM

    Optimal IdM partners with its clients to provide comprehensive, fully customizable enterprise-level solutions that meet the specific security and scalability requirements of their organizations. Optimal IdM is headed privately and has been profitable in every quarter since its inception. As a partner and an extension of the team, they work together to design, implement, and manage a fully custom identity management solution that meets the specific needs of the organization. Their team specializes in enterprise-level customers with complex environments and will customize the identity management solutions to meet the organization’s particular needs

  • Silverlake MasterSAM Ltd.

    Silverlake MasterSAM Ltd.

    MasterSAM is a technology leader in the Privileged Access Management security solution to help companies secure and manage privileged access from a complete lifecycle perspective. MasterSAM began with a vision to secure Unix/Linux operating system from unauthorized users’ access, and to ensure each IT administrator is accountable for the activities they perform with complete transparency. They continue to embrace the challenges and focus their research and development in the privileged access management domain. The company listens to its customers and understands their problem areas because they believe that there is nothing that can beat the real experience of a user

  • Trusfort


    Trusfort is a chief autonomous provider of business security service and the first company in China to implement the concept of human-oriented business security. The company uses artificial intelligence to create information security, offers a complete lifecycle business security protection solution based on the situation to help customers by building a safe and intelligent business system. Trusfort is steered by multi-dimensional technologies such as information security, artificial intelligence, and identity authentication. At present, it is providing business security protection for more than 200 million devices and has accumulated protection of RMB 2 trillion in financial transactions