Exploring Growth in the Digital Frontier with DynaQuest Technology Services

By Randy Knutson, Founder & CEO, Dynaquest

DynaQuest has developed a noteworthy, ‘inclusive’ methodology for information extraction, migration, and serialized development of identity and access management through a decentralized architecture 

The 2020s is a decade that will be defined by the growth of impact technologies and digital architecture. These w reshape commerce, finance and economies. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that brought about a global economic depression, digital services such as e-commerce and mobile applications have experienced tremendous growth as people increasingly turned to digital-first services while foregoing physical commerce. Despite the global slowdown of economic growth, the digital side of things proved resilient enough to not only withstand the depression but to commercially thrive on the cyberspace. As businesses and economies are slowly opening in a post-pandemic era known as the “less touch economy”, businesses must get in touch with the digital side of things to strategize on growth opportunities found in the digital frontier. As commercialization is headed to digital whether under the influence of pandemic or not, Dynaquest Technology Services Inc. (DynaQuest), an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider, is in the driver seat to help businesses engineer their digital architecture to explore the growth in the digital frontier.

Digital and Decentralized Economies

DynaQuest, a reputed company who specializes in the design, engineering and development of emerging technologies for business use, in the industries of business process outsourcing (BPO), Fintech, HealthTech and InsurTech, offers the following solutions to businesses who are looking to optimize and redefine their digital strategy in the period of rapid advancement to businesses that are driven by technology:

Identity and Access Management

Recognized as among the Top 10 Identity and Access Management companies in Asia-Pacific, the company has developed a platform where Digital Identities are managed over the Blockchain.The personal information of entities such as consumers and the customers of businesses are secured and given permission controls on their credentials and key set of profiles. These profiles are linked with transactions with all the due privacy. Identities managed over the Blockchain reinforces security, and information privacy in transactions. These managed identities can be used as a passport to maintain a digital wallet, enroll as a participant in a token economy and gives users or business systems the ability to quickly verify credentials. In an increasingly digital-driven society, information security sees escalating threats, hence the need for immutable, indelible and further reinforced security are needed more than ever in transactions. DynaQuest lays the groundwork of identity and access management needed for a more secure business architecture and its economic integrity.

Blockchain and Decentralized Architecture

The digitalization of capitalistic economies and its information systems  are driven by the need to innovate to enable efficiency, greater information security and accessibility. Blockchain is a transformative technology in terms of business process models and information storage as the platform offers real-time processing that includes verification, credit controls and time-saving measures that meets not only business expectations but also stages a ground for value creation that ultimately benefits consumers. DynaQuest, the 2019 winner for Best Blockchain Achiever in the Bloconomics expo, has been cited for its work in building the up and coming new wave of digital economies that are inclusive, connects local markets to global markets and further reinforcing values that honor transparency, equity, labor rights and irrevocable identities to preside economic participation models involving capital investments, grassroots, the supply chain and market options. Businesses that aspire to participate in an ever-increasing economy that is connected by Blockchain can enlist DynaQuest as partner, architect and solutions to provider to design the participation, value-exchange and managed the identities of the business concept.

Network and IT Infrastructure Services

Before DynaQuest strategically repositioned into the emerging technologies and Blockchain spaces, the company was known forits Network and IT Infrastructure solutions for businesses and corporations. Designing and optimizing a corporate network that is secured, resilient and is flexible to accommodate rapid changes is the key in succeeding in today’s corporate world. DynaQuest delivers these solutions in an outsourced arrangement such as fully-managed, bespoke and allocated resources to meet even the most modest corporate budgets.  Whether businesses are opting for a fully-managed platform or hire & retain specific capabilities such as network security or development resources, the company operates on a strategic provisioning to assign roles, resource and co-managed models to ensure business continuity for its clients.

Impact Technology R&D to Application

Emerging and high-impact technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) all leading the way for the fourth industrial revolution, DynaQuest as a company, constantly monitors and explore new business models for these impact technologies. The company has a dedicated lab that hosts think-tank personnel to creatively discuss possible applications of these platforms and often, these discussions propel small experiments in combining these platforms’ essential functions for hybrid modelling based on business, use cases and real-world applications. It is with this inquisitive nature and the ability to trailblaze is why the company is instrumental in the founding of several organizations that are dedicated to exploring impact technologies, namely: the Philippine Blockchain Association (PHBK), the Society of Impact Technology United for the Philippines (SITUP) and the Blockchain Bacolod Initiative (B2CI). To date, DynaQuest has been working in collaboration with the numerous groups associated with Liveable Cities PH and Digital Cities PH to co-engineer a sustainable model of development for Manila’s key cities. Startups who are banking on emerging technology can contact and explore ventures with DynaQuest as the company is known to bring innovation and development capabilities into the table in order to bring groundbreaking concepts to reality.

Disruption and Innovation

In the recent months due to the pandemic, the world has experienced a period of disruption unlike any other in the modern times. The global pandemic has weakened the traditional local commerce but on the other hand, digital services were experiencing growth with a robust boom in the first and second quarters of 2020 as people who were under lockdown leaned on digital delivery systems based on music, games and online financial services to live with the times. This periodic boom will only gain digital services more momentum as people and businesses have rediscovered the convenience and seamlessness of the digital infrastructure to serve customers far and wide. Randy Knutson, the founder and CEO of DynaQuest is a C-Level executive whose corporate career spans over thirty years in the enterprise IT & Communications. Randy has seen technology reshape how businesses are run and how it communicates. He has seen the succession of technology from one platform to the next. In the midst of the disruption and the transition phase in-between established and nascent technologies that are touted as the eventual successors, Randy noted that the cycle is a staging ground in building the next big innovative business platform. “In a tech-driven market, business applications evolve and with these changes come the next set of challengers and champions that will redefine corporate solutions, service enablers and niche markets,” said Randy. “The innovation cycle opens up a lot of possibilities and intriguing challenges that may as well be the formula for the next big breakthrough.”

We aspire to help the economies of such geographies establish a self-sovereign identity management portfolio through our technological competencies 

As markets are shaped by factors such as emerging and high-impact technologies, Randy Knutson was hands-on in steering the company to go from an IT Solutions Provider to an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider whose reputation is lauded in engineering the up and coming decentralized economies powered by a concert of technologies that includes Blockchain and its disruptive peers. “The period of tech disruption and innovation are becoming faster and that means a shorter window to adapt and be competitive,” said Randy. “Naturally, the big businesses will go first but the startups and the SMEs all have equal opportunity in exploring the next big chapter of the digital frontier. How we shape our business ideas and concepts to work side by side with tech and how it impacts a larger scope, is how the next big startups will win a large share of the market by tomorrow, or next month or sooner than later.”

To date, the company is focused on building new, inclusive and socially-responsible economies that are governed byBlockchain that aims to harmonize with other impact technologies. “Technology today allows us to create bigger, better and broader applications like never before,” said Randy. “With DynaQuest, you have a proven partner who will help navigate the waters of disruption in the digital frontier.”