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Norio Fujita, President and Representative Director, Soft GikenNorio Fujita, President and Representative Director Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is currently the most reliable way to ensure the security of a company’s valuable data and its users’ PII. However, it does entail the challenges such as higher costs and significant refurbishment of existing systems. Furthermore, since there are various systems in the company, it is necessary to build an authentication system for each one, which is time-consuming.

This is where Soft Giken offers some respite

The company provides YubiOn Authentication Solution that enables businesses to set MFA without breaking a sweat. Staying true to the philosophy—“make every world better”—Norio Fujita, the Founder and Representative Director of Soft Giken started developing YubiOn, believing that authentication security would be necessary in an increasingly digitalized world.

A Collection of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intelligence

Soft Giken was established in November 1983 by Mr Fujita, with the belief that software is a collection of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. And that’s what inspired him to start a social infrastructure (river, road, atmosphere monitoring and disaster prevention information management) system construction business which would contribute to public safety. In 2010, with the belief that a system that protects society’s safety and security is essential, Mr Fujita began developing a security solution [YubiOn] at the entrance of a PC using YubiKey (Yubico).

Today, Soft Giken provides various services under its security solution, YubiOn. To elucidate, YubiOn for Windows / Mac with YubiKey solution performs two-factor authentication using YubiKey’s Yubico OTP when logging on to a PC. “Currently, we have commercialized “YubiOn Standalone”, “YubiOn Portal”, “YubiOn FIDO2® Server”, and “YubiOn FIDO2® Appliance Server”, and are expanding the area of security-solution [YubiOn] through new development,” says Mr Fujita. For example, the “Win / Mac LogOn Service” uses YubiKey’s Yubico OTP to enhance the authentication level when logging on to a PC (Windows). Authentication at Mac login is realized by challenge-response.

Offering Solutions according to the Clients’ Needs

With a simple setup of installing client software, the administrator can realize integrated management in the cloud.

We Validate and Evaluate Various Fido2- Certified External Authentication Devices Around the World and Offer to Clients as a Packaged Yubion Authentication Solution

It can also be used in a remote desktop or VDI environment and can be installed without changing the settings of Active Directory (AD) in use. There is also a stand-alone version that can be authenticated even in a closed network environment.

Further, through YubiOn FIDO2® Server Service that provides FIDO2 Server in the cloud, clients can use FIDO2 authentication devices such as YubiKey, IdemCard, and AT.key (biometric authentication) for web applications. The service site is provided with a management function so that the service provider, the service system construction company and the in-house information system department manager can easily manage it, and the efficiency of work can be realized. Clients use “YubiOn FIDO2® Server” cloud service to strengthen two-factor authentication for their services that handle personal information. YubiKey and IdemKey are used as FIDO2 external authentication devices.

Additionally, Soft Giken also provides YubiOn FIDO2® Appliance Server—a product equipped with “YubiOn FIDO2® Server” on an Infinico appliance server so that the FIDO2 Server developed by Soft Giken can be easily installed.

More importantly, in the YubiOn portal, users and PCs can be managed on the management site, and Windows and Mac can also be authenticated and managed. “We validate and evaluate various FIDO2-certified external authentication devices around the world and offer to clients as a packaged YubiOn authentication solution,” Mr Fujita mentions.

Co-sponsoring the FIDO Alliance’s Goal

Soft Giken not only provides the “YubiOn solution” developed in-house but also expands alliances with companies related to authentication technology globally. Through this, the company verifies and evaluates various FIDO certified external authenticators and provides optimal solutions and devices to clients. Mr Fujita informs, “We co-sponsor the FIDO Alliance’s goal of Solving the World’s Password Problem. By applying the latest standards using FIDO2 authentication technology, we continue to research, develop and provide authentication solutions to contribute to the construction of a safe, secure and comfortable society.”
The company understands and develops requirements by collaborating with business partners and communicating with clients.

Mr Fujita emphasizes that Soft Giken repeatedly proposes the latest software technology research and development for its major clients to adopt it as a software package. The company patiently deals with short delivery times and troubles that frequently occur in software development, and ensures that delivery times are met.

”We Co-Sponsor the Fido Alliance’s Goal of Solving the World’s Password Problem. By Applying the Latest Standards Using Fido2 Authentication Technology, We Continue to Research, Develop and Provide Authentication Solutions to Contribute to the Construction of a Safe, Secure and Comfortable Society”

For example, Soft Giken asked clients to adopt Mac Login technology’s research results in the security field, which was not done by other companies, and that technology became a big selling point.

Making the World Better and Secure

Having carved a niche in the multi-factor authentication space, Mr Fujita informs that Soft Giken’s network security research team is exploring the latest technologies such as FIDO. The business domain related to disaster prevention information systems also incorporate technologies that are continually evolving. Furthermore, system development is realized by making proposals that lead customer needs one step further. “We are not considering establishing an overseas base, but from an expansion standpoint, we will increase the number of service sales and technical support Global Partners. We will actively incorporate the use of digital advertising and SNS to expand our business globally,” he states.

Currently, focused on developing solutions that protect and strengthen the entrance to PCs, Soft Giken will provide an API so that the YubiOn solution can be linked with the federation function in the future. They will also strengthen the development of authentication solutions that can support cloud computing of platforms (PCs).

Aiming to be a company that can provide total security solutions, Soft Giken will expand the business domain by expanding the scope of security applications and providing safe data management. “We will make the world better and secure by creating new services that utilize the latest security technologies in the world,” concludes Fujita.
- Russell Thomas
    December 30, 2020
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